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“Quality used engines for sale, tested and reliable. Affordable prices, wide selection available. 

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Get Grade "A" OEM Used Engine

“Quality used engines for sale, tested and reliable. Affordable prices, wide selection available. Don’t break the bank, buy a used engine today!”

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Free Shipping

Free shipping on all used engines! Get the reliable engine you need without the extra shipping costs. Shop now and save!

3 year parts warranty or 30,000 miles

You can easily register your warranty by emailing a single odometer photo to [email protected]

Lifetime Support

"Our commitment to you doesn't end at purchase. Enjoy lifetime support for your used engine purchase. Trust us for all your engine needs."

Power Up Your Ride: Affordable Used Engines


With its exemplary customer service, Top Motor and Transmission. is a digital platform created to satisfy your search for the “best place to buy used engines” nearby. Best-in-class, low-mileage secondhand engines, all endorsed by ASE-certified experts, are available in our inventory. We are prepared to provide domestic and imported brands including Chevrolet, BMW, Dodge, GMC, Toyota, Audi, Ford, Porsche, and counting, as well as Diesel, Gasoline/Petrol engines for every make, model, and year thanks to an improved relationship to more than 2000 inventory yards across the USA.

At Top Motor and Transmission., we are fully aware of the limited options you have when your engine degrades or breaks down. Either you scrape out your car or you install a new engine. The last thing you should do is scrap a car, and replacing the engine would be VERY expensive. What if we told you that you could get back on the road without breaking the bank…? Yes, you read that correctly. You may revitalise your car, truck, SUV, or van with the help of a wide selection of high-quality, low-mileage ASE certified used engines without breaking the bank.


Given below is the list of some of our best features:

Upgrade Your Ride with Confidence

So you are back on the road and stress free without the issue even reaching top of mind- with Top Of the Line!


Couldn't Ask for Better Service

Jon Nayles
Jon Nayles
Made buying online effortless and carefree. Open communication throughout the entire process. Thank you. Highly recommended
Brad Sluman
Brad Sluman
Rogie was awesome to deal with . Got back to me very quickly . Took care of all my questions. Very happy with buying from Top of the Line Motors . Brad .
Irving Frederick
Irving Frederick
They were very helpful at the motor I wanted three-year 30,000 mile warranty and being delivered to the house for a very reasonable price. Thank you.
April Plumley
April Plumley
I searched for two weeks to find a reputable company to buy an engine . I found Top of the Line Motors . I picked them specifically for the reputation of good reviews. Every detail went to specification and my engine was good ! I would certainly recommend them due to their good reputation and my experience in dealing with them !
Sharon Smith-Phifer
Sharon Smith-Phifer
I was in the market for an engine for a long time and I came across this lovely company and they’re working with me and I appreciate them. They are very reasonable. They are very polite..
levert Sims
levert Sims
After getting the run around from Gator Ford, I called Joe about a engine. Very helpful, knowledgeable, and got me a way better engine with 33K miles on it for a good price. Shipping is crazy because it's on tractors, but Aaron always stayed in communication to let me know what's up. They also provide very affordable labor to put your part on. So instead of paying Gator Ford 4500+ for just a water pump fix, Joe hooked me up, including labor for 3500. Will highly recommend going forward..
Ryan Pauls
Ryan Pauls
I ordered a motor for 2013 GMC Sierra. Received the correct motor in a timely manner. Joe was great to work with. He was knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions I had and they made pick up of the core very easy as well. I would have no reservations about buying another motor from these guys again. Also they were fairly priced as well.
HN Rashed
HN Rashed
They sold me a bad engine. Cost me $4 k after installation. They won’t acknowledge anything. The ignored me. Gave no refund. Best to avoid them.
Alicia Pitman
Alicia Pitman
Originally received the wrong engine which turned out to be at the fault of their employee. They quickly fixed the issue and sent the correct engine back out. Correct engine was in great shape with very low miles( altho received covered in oil). Running great. Would suggest and would use again if needed in the future. Thanks!
619 Trading
619 Trading
Buyer beware and stay the hell away from these scam artists. Bought an engine and was told would take 2-3 weeks turn around time from the date purchased to the delivery date. Took over 3 months. If they would have told me and been honest I would not have written this review. The owner is full of excuses and will always have a story to tell to distract you.
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What to Check Out When Purchasing Used Engines?

Our team is available to assist you if you’re considering what to look for when purchasing used certified engines. Our mechanics are glad to assist you in reducing the cost of your vehicle purchases. To get a high-quality part while buying a used engine, you must ask the following questions:

We provide a sizable selection of used motors for sale in the USA at competitive prices at our Top Motor And Transmission. Prior to sale, every one of our parts has undergone thorough leak checks and other tests. We also offer free shipping on all of our parts and a lifetime warranty. Our staff will guarantee that the secondhand motor you buy will work with your car.


Assurance Testing Prior to Selling Used Engines

We have a large selection of engines with warranties that have been meticulously examined and certified by our team of technical specialists at Top Motors and Transmission. Our staff will carry out a number of checks before shipping a used engine to your address, including.

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